Comon folks....enter September's contest!

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BrainBashers Common Answers
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Hi Kim Groneman,

You came 251st (out of 2,856) in August's contest.

Don't forget you're a member of at least one league, simply log
in to see your league's results. Your answers were:

Name a word that rhymes with HOT.
NOT [1st]

Name another word for HOT.
BURNING [2nd, 'WARM' was top]

Name a country visited when on holiday/vacation.
MEXICO [1st]

Name the number of apples on an average apple tree.
100 [1st]

Name a word ending in IT.
FIT [5th, 'SIT' was top]

Name a famous brand of cola.

Name a day of the week when you might go swimming.

Name a continent.

Name the number of times a day you might wash your hands.
10 [2nd, '5' was top]

Name a flavour of ice cream.

The number in brackets shows the position of your answer,
e.g. 2nd means your answer was the second most popular.