I once again recopied the empty database and all of my scan files
imported. Since it was working I figured I would get a backup. So I
used the backup option in C1 and as soon as it finished, I got this error

Actually, now I am getting "Page number on page does not match page

So, my ZDM server is running as OES2 NW in XEN on SLES10SP1. Should this
work? So far I am only having issues with the database, imaging, and
workstation import seem to be running without problems.

Originally, I did a fresh install using the ZDM 7 SP1 CD and installed
the HP4a update. I downloaded the ZDM7 sp1 snapins for C1.

Another question: without restarting the server, how do I stop the
Inventory Java service?

Timothy M. Musa
Community Consolidated School District 93
Carol Stream, IL