Hi all,

hoping someone may have come across this and has a solution! We are about to roll out ZCMSP1 to our company and unfortunately had to re-do all our applications - the zenworks migration utility didn't work (we use pre/post distribution scripts in most cases to take advantage of silent-install switches available to natively install the applications) - anyway, our application are now migrated and we're almost set to go, except we don't want users logging in after the migration and having to reinstall all there applications one by one as they need them - they are installed already, we just need ZCM to realise it!

So my initial thoughts (as per zen7 - hklm/software/netware/nal and hkcu/software/netware/nal) was registry - but there doesn't seem to be anything stored in the registry regarding application install states. Next I found that it seems to be stored here:

C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\cache\zmd

each application having a .APPSTATE file which seems to say whether it's installed or not. However if I either

1) edit the file manually to say it's been installed, or
2) copy the file from a machine where it has been installed via ZCM

ZCM still thinks it's uninstalled. A zen refresh or PC reboot doesn't change that.

Any help much appreciated!