Under Linux..

We have an address range, that will hand out a random IP address to any
computer mac address listed within that range.

Why do we do this?

Well it means we have a laptop pool of 50 Ip Addresses and we can have
100 Laptops MAC Addresses listed within the IP Pool (The MACS must be
listed so we have some kind of control over who is plugging into our
Network - I know there are wholes in the model, like someone with the
know how just assigning their own address, but it stops most users...

Obviously only 50 of those Laptops can only be on the network at one
time, however this work nicely in our environment.

We would like to move the DHCP to our Netware 6.5 SP7 Clustered
Environment (That we will move to OES in the future..)

Is it possible to create a Address Range in Netware and assign mac
addresses and not IP addresses to a IP Address Range?

Thanks in advance for any advice