I am about to install ZCM in my production environment, and I know this question has probably been covered to death but I wanted a final verdict.

We do not have a trusted CA, and do not intend on getting on. The costs here would not be that worth it for the extra clicks we need to do with the administration portal.

We do have a CA in our tree already, already this is not a trusted CA, just one thats used for imanager and etc.

I also undertand ZCM will create the certificate infrastructure during setup if you select internal certificate.

My question is, all certificates will at some point expire, which is easier to manage or migrate during a server crash or if for some reason the certicates need to change. I understand the clients all keep the public key, and use this to connect to the server. Can anyone provide me any thoughts about this ?

Should I export the certs out of my netware tress CA, or allow ZCM to create this all during setup ? Pro's and Con's ?