I'm new to reporting these issues, so please let me know if I'm missing some key information.

We are about to go from ZenWorks 7 on Netware/eDirectory to ZenWorks 10.1 on SUSE 10 (virtual machine). We have migrated all the polices from Zen 7 and a large number of application objects have been converted to bundles.

During our testings we have observed the following issues:

1. On the server, after weekends we're noticing the ZenWorks services are not functioning (we can not access the ZCM via a browser) and we have to restart the services using the following command:
novell-zenworks-configure -c Start
(then option 13)

2. On the clients, sometimes we notice a long login time of 3+/- minutes.

3. On the clients, many times they fail to load new bundles even after a version stamp. However, if you start a manual refresh all new bundles are brought down and version stamped bundles are updated. (For instance, while troubleshooting issue 4 below I turned off a number of bundles to see if this changed the behavior and the bundles would continue to load, even after a version stamp, but once I initiated a manual refresh everything worked correctly).

4. On the clients, one minute after ZenWorks has finished refreshing it will refresh again and sometimes never stop. Sometimes this will cause the system to lock up, requiring a restart of explorer.exe to regain the Windows GUI. A reboot seems to resolve this as it doesn't happen every time.

5. On the clients, sometimes the Novell ZenWorks Agent Service will not be running and requires to be manually started and then after a minute you'll be able to log in through the Z. This issue is indicated when no bundles are loaded and clicking the Z reports the service is not running.

Issues 2-5 can happen to any machine in the test roll out at random and only issue 5 has been a complete work stoppage for the testers.

All test boxes are Windows XP SP2 with 1-2 gigs of ram, Novell Client 4.91 SP4, previously had Novell ZenWorks 7 Version installed, all three versions of .NET are installed/fully patched, Trend Micro Officescan 7.3 with firewall turned on, the test boxes have been an equal mix of laptops and desktops with no single issues appearing more on one or the other.

The server is a Virtual Machine on ESX, Suse Linux Enterprise Server 10 (32-bit), 2 gigs of ram, fully patched, running ZenWorks 10.3.

Currently, I'm considering taking the Trend Micro firewall out of the picture to see if that changes the behavior of the issues I've been seeing, but if anyone else out there is noticing a pattern in the information I've given it would be greatly appreciated if you poke me into the right direction.

Again, sorry if I missed saying something important.