Hi everyone,

Recently I have posted an thread about File Rights in a application bundle. I know now that's impossible to allow users to get some temporary file access to another server like an Netware server. I don't understand why this feature are not anymore available because we can't control the file access for users...

So, I search alternate ways to do this:

With a Zen10 server, we want to be able to allow users (with edir sources) to have network rights for specific applications. The application files are located on another server (netware or OES). Some access require only Read, some other require Write and Modify. It's simple application that work on network, no need to distribute files or registry or if so, just some.

With help of Zen 10, it is possible with an alternate method or a workaround? If not, we will have to find a complete new method because right now, we have this kind of doing things with a Netware 6.5 environment with Zenworks 7.

Thank you for your help !!