I've got ZESM 3.5.144 installed and working with some help from Mr Chiara :)

Clients install looks ok, MSI with the licence file and certificate built in, so auto install via ZCM is good.

Clients prompted to login at 1st run (required full name but I think this is resolved in a new release soon) and the About screen shows authenticated user, last check in, check in status of success, correct server info and licence info.

Policies are pulled correctly from server and work as expected.

But reporting doesn't seem to be doing anything.

Under Diagnostics Reporting, the settings are all correct as per the policy from the central server, but the status part of the page shows the following:

Reports Generated : 04/09/2008 11.07 (correct date and time)
Last Upload:
Upload Status: Check-in Incomplete
Total Uploads: 0

Anyone seen this? Are there any logs or checks I can run to see why reporting isn't working?