I have a groupwise 7 server that sporadically slows down. When this happens the Current Disk Requests spikes to over 1000. It typically reads 0. The CDR will stay at over 1000 for a various amount of time and then return to its normal state. Once the CDR returns to a normal state, the server returns to responding in its typical fast fashion. This server is a NW 6.5sp6 server running a 105 mailbox PO and 1 mta. A BES server also is attached via SOAP. The sys vol is a hardware raid 1 and the groupwise vol is a hardware raid 5 (both nss). This server is about three years old but this problem is only about 2 months old. Is there any way that I can tell what process is causing the CDR to spike? I have looked at the LAN traffic at the time of the problem but I do not see any increase in traffic over the normal levels. There are no scheduled tasks or scripts set to run at the time of the problem either. Thanks for your help.