NAL - Workstation Helper - Windows 2003 - WS Associated applications not
running when limited user accounts are logged in

We are experiencing issues noted in previous posts, however no solution
appears to have been documented in the forums. Before raising a call
with Novell, has anyone any suggestions or experience with the following

Terminal Server: Windows 2003 R2 SP2, Citrix 4.5, ZENworks 7 SP1 IR3 agent

When a limited user account logs in to the Citrix farm or via RDP, user
associated applications are delivered with no issue, workstation
applications are not delivered. Workstation helper reports that it is
not connected to the directory.

When an unrestricted user account logs in to the Citrix farm or via RDP,
user and workstation applications are delivered with no issue.
Workstation helper now reports that is is connected to the directory.
Whilst an administrative user is logged in, limited user accounts will
also receive workstation associated applications until the
administrative user logs out.

We've also tried running the NAL service with administrative user
credentials, system, system with desktop interactivity - all with no joy.

As a workaround we are having to dupe applications for use in Citrix
environment, however this is no long term solution.

Any ideas please?