Anyone out there with 755's on their GMS? I'm having a terrible time with
this model; part of the issue is that there is marginal is no relieble
signal from my carrier in location were my users are located and it appears
the client is locking up the phone, steady "network errors" and just a
horrible time.

I'm hoping to get a test 755 from my local Sprint guys to test so that I can
see if it's the poor signal or if it's the nature of the 755

Any thoughts? I've turned off push, set timed interval syncing all with no
success, the only thing that's had any effect is taking the GMS intellisync
client off the device. I've even tried the beta 3 of GMS thinking it was a
device support issue as the 755p was not listed as certified in the v2
release but the Wiki stated the 755p was "certified" in v3 release.