We use an Terminal Server application object to connect to a windows 2003 Server. We have set it to display full screen.
When we connect (using DLU) everything looks fine, we have our desktop of the Terminal Server and a NAL with our applications.
But when I minimize the window, I noticed there are two windows in the taskbar, one with the ipadres of the server and one with no text in it.
When we click on the window with no text, the desktop returns. But when we click on the window with the ipadres, we get a small window, which we cannot minimize or maximize. The only way to get this fixed is to close the window and start a new session.
I have noticed also that with our new wide screens the ntsclient does not display at full screen.

With the normal windows RDP client we have not seen this behavour, but we need the Novell TS client for DLU.