I have recently pushed out the Zen 7 workstation manager install to all our
workstations, which seems to have gone ok. However one user has highlighted
a small problem with the new setup.

On the old version of the zen client (3.2.x), users where able to drag an
icon from the NAL window onto the desktop and have it still work from there
(presumably as long as NAL was also open), however attempting to do this now
results in the following error message when the icon is clicked on :-

Application Explorer
Failed to open "BIOSCIENCE_TREE Order System.Warwick.Applications.Bio"
Error: 0

HRESULT 0x80004005 Unspecified error


Operating system is Windows XP SP2/3, with client 4.91.x, this has also been
tried on Windows 2003 SP2 client 4.91.4 with the same results.

Does anyone know if this is still supported, and if so how to fix it ?