I have installed a few services to a SLES10 SP1 server with OES2, one of which was iManager, and I don't have access to it. A little history here, I installed my SLES server and GWMobile was the first service that I have installed on this server, followed by Zenworks, before installing OES services. When I installed GWMobile, I had to change the default Apache2 listening ports so that GWMobile would run on ports 80 and 443, so I adjusted the default Apache ports to 8080 and 4433. Now, after installing iManager and actually taking the time to start using it, I get an Apache/Tomcat 404 error page when I try to access http://(IPAddress)/nps/iManager.html from a remote system, and when I substitute localhost on the actual server. Since I would like to keep my GWMobile working as is, what is the best way to make iManager accessible? Thanks!