We're moving the operations center for a couple of weeks while they remove old equipment racks, cubicles etc.

I had to trace down all the TV RG-6 cable and label. What a mess. I removed 6 splitters, 3 extenders and 6 different lengths of cable that were unterminated. Took all day but the quality of the reception has improved.

They're going to remove all CAT5. Place shielded gigabyte cable in for unclass. Fiber (in conduit) for the two classified. Relabel according to circuit. All ethernet will cross, at 90 degree angle, all power, lighting and CCTV. All cable in cable trays. Ethernet drops every 32 inches and it's own managed 64 port switch. Power every 32 inches in between the ethernet/telephone drops. The entire center will be on it's own generator and industrial power filters. Each workstation will have it's own UPS (big and heavy.... hehehe) Flat panel monitors. 6 lighting circuits with dimmers. Sound proofing. New carpet. New cubicles with movable monitor poles, KVM. Separate AC with options for emergency cooling into the room from just outside the door with it's own ducting. The microwave and reefer are on their own power circuit also.

Somebody finally listened to what 24/7/365 operation centers should be instead of what they thought we needed. The oops guys are really happy.

It's going to be nice. Too bad I don't work up there anymore.