I am testing out linkwall, and have turned on the logging (level 2), but
I notice it doesn't show the user or IP of the connection. Is there a
way to turn that on? My BM logs do show that info. I am not running
transparent proxy. Running NW6.5sp1.1 w/BM3.8 and linkwall eval that I
downloaded this week.

Also, are there any additional recommended lists that can be used? I
am currently using one from
I found the the authentic squidguard list hadn't updated the porn/adult
links since september. I have seen there are afew subscription lists
out there, but found that they weren't really any more current/complete
than the one I listed. But then even surfcontrol didn't have several of
the porn/adult sites our users had been to over the past year either.
(yes, I have submitted them to the various lists when I found them missing)

Michael Alexander
Network Administrator
Milwaukee Valve