We have a simple student website running Novell’s Virtual Office product. Since Virtual Office is going away, we’re looking at the Teaming product as a possible replacement. However, it’s not going very well. We haven't found much in the line of helpful documentation. Can someone point me in the right direction (if there is one) for the following issues:

1. Email portlet – We use NetMail and want a simple portlet that shows the 5 most recent emails. We’ll use a separate link to open NetMail in a full window. Beyond this, are there "any" good email portlets?

2. NetMail link – Our Virtual Office site passes login information to NetMail so students do not have to login again. How would this be achieved in Teaming?

3. NetStorage – Same issue as NetMail. We want NetStorage to appear, without requiring a second login. Preferably, we want it to be dynamic and not require students to enter their information into the page. i.e. Virtual Office uses dynamic variables (%portaluser%, %portalpass%, etc) to pass logins. The current NetStorage page is seamless and does not require input to configure it.

Those are the big ones… We would love to do more with Teaming, including Blackboard and PeopleSoft integration, single sign-on to other sites, etc. For now, I just want to start with these first three.