I seek help referencing objects in (other) containers than where my
login script is processing.

I have an eDirectory structure that looks like this:

inside the ATL container, there is a set of users and groups.
Inside the FNS container, there is a set of users and groups. (Almost
all of the users.)
There is one server, and it lives in the FNS container. This
container also holds the "main" login script, and of course the

I'm trying to do a conditional if member of to see if I have a person
from the ATL container logging in. My statement has looked like these
(and none have worked)

if member of ".ATL.FNS" then REM note the dot in front of .ATL
write "You container test worked"

if member of "ATL.FNS"
if member of "ATLStaff.ATL.FNS"
if member of ".ATLStaff.ATL.FNS"

where ATLStaff is a group sitting in the ATL container and which
includes all the user objects in the ATL container.

What am I doing wrong? I know I can test for objects in "peer
containers" , although its been a while since I did it. What secret
sauce am I missing in my container references?