Hello. I was wondering if it was possible to ban AOL Instant Messenger in
any other way than redirecting all traffic for the AIM network to a
nonexistant IP address (like mentioned on the www.craigjconsulting.com

I work in a school, and administration seems to want everything. -.-;
They're irritated that students are always seeming to download and use AIM,
but they panic the moment I block staff from using it. Is there a way to
ban/allow the program to be run based on username?

I can seem to be able to block it via packet filter, but if the HTTP proxy
is checked in AIM it will always work, no matter what. Can the proxy be told
not to allow that for most users? I have attempted to use Rouge Process
Management in Zenworks, but that is very unreliable, so it's looking like
this is the only way to go. =/ No access control rule I create seems to
effect anything about AIM..

Thanks for any info