I was hoping someone might have some insight as to their experiences using ZCM in the WAN.
We have ZCM deployed at one location and just installed another server into the Zone at another, as you would expect the second server moves a little slow (even over a T1) because it has to query back to the Sybase database installed at the first location.

Question is, should I be installing these locations into their own zone?
I would rather keep it all one because it helps us manage the WAN from a single login, but I worry about what's going to happen to performance once I install additional servers at other locations.
Any insight would be helpful.

Primary Server 2.4Ghz P4: 4gb RAM W2K3 SP1 (WAN=T1) 80 Devices
Second Server 2.45Ghz P4: 2gb RAM W2k3 SP2 (WAN= T1) 50 Devices
Planned 3rd Location: 100 Devices
Planned 4th Location: 80 Devices
Planned 5th Location: 60 Devices