I need to edit a 10 gig image and every time i open up the image it gets about 1/3 of the way and they the window vanishes. I'm able to open a 4 gig image fine on my pc by running zmgexp.bat . when i trie it on the server itself i get the same results. I have 20 gig of storeage space on my pc so there's plenty of elbow room and 2 gigs of ram. Is there a way to find otu whats happening to the program. I need to open the image, delete the externastore log fodler entirely and save the image.
is there anotehr tool i can use or a command line to pull this folder from the image. There a re hundreds of thousands of tiny .log files in that folder and so far restorign that image has taken 4060 minutes and it's only at 45%. there are so many of these tiny files that they are killing this restore.