Totally baffled on On-Line patch updates that are broken on both of my
SLES10sp1 OES2 servers. The only thing I did was run the Customer
Configuration Center and register a new server?????


?Name ?Summary ?Kind
islesp1-perl-Bootloader ?slesp1-perl-Bootloader recommended?5222?
islesp1-yast2-installation ?slesp1-yast2-installation ?recommended?3830?
Filter: Installable Patches Total Download Size: 0 B
?Patch: slesp1-yast2-installation Kind: recommended Version: 3830-0
?----- this patch is broken !!! -----

This TID(7000452) does not work as I have the proper zmd? zmd-

Sub'd? | Name | Service

Yes | SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1 | SUSE Linux Enterprise
Server 10 S P1
Yes | Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 | Novell Open Enterprise
Server 2
Yes | OES2-Updates | https://nu.novell.com

This server has different errors in the Yast|Online Update; but similar.
It has many entries like this:
----- this patch is broken !!! -----

For both servers as soon as you run the update it exists out immediately.

Any ideas?
P.S. Both of my machines are AMD 64bit.