Okay, I updated my Windows 2003 server to ZEN 10.1. I have just the one
server and all of my data and my database are here. The install went
great, very smooth. I've got a couple of issues that I'll address under
different topics.

Now, I followed the instructions and removed BOE after I did the install
and installed the new version. It failed. Really, not just the error
message that if you dig into the documentation you are told to ignore -
that should really be in the install documentation, not just the admin

Anyway, It looked like the previous install had left some junk behind so
I renamed the ..\boe and ..\boe-publish folders and deleted the old
shortcuts that hadn't been deleted and did the install again. This time
it actually installed some stuff. Lots of stuff but the error message
that the install had failed came up again. So, I ignored it this time.

Restarted the server and had a whole boatload of BOE errors in the Event
log. Opened the Central Configuration Manager tool and discovered that
my CMS and a handful of other services were not running. So, I started
the CMS and the others and restarted again.

.... More BOE errors but the CMS is started this time. Based on the
Event viewer messages, it looks like the SQL service did not though.

And, ZEN still tells me in the Console that 'There is no ZENworks
Reporting Server configured in the Management Zone.'

So, I'm stuck again with reporting. It seems to me that some of this is
WAY more complex than what I need but that there isn't really an in between.

Some of the error messages that are in the event viewer are:

The CMS Server and the Crystal Reports Cache server both started but

CMS startup: component MySQLAuditDBSS could not be loaded.

Failed to register with the CMS D4Z8BX41. Please make sure the CMS is up
and running. Attempting an automatic retry... (there are several of
these for different processes).

Some guidance on this would be appreciated.