Hi folks.

Is there any chance to create a nss pool on arrays larger than 2TB?

Following situation:
We've just installed a new netware 6.5 (sp7) server in a test environment.
The machine is equipped with an adaptec array controller (AAC-3805) holding
8x 1TB drives, building 2 arrays:
Array 1: 2 drives mirrored (RAID-1, 0.9TB) for DOS, SYS and ADMIN-DATA.
Array 2: 5 drives data-guard (RAID-5, 3.6 TB) for USER-DATA
and 1 drive as hot spare.

The NSSMU does not show the second (3.6 TB) array. Neither does iManager.

After deleting the 5-drives array and recreating it with 3 drives RAID-5 (=1.8TB) the device shows up in NSSMU and could be configured with POOLS and VOLUMES.

Having in mind that we have only 5 drives for secure holding of nearly 4 TB of user-data: Is there a solution for creating pools/volumes on arrays larger than 2 TB??

Any suggestions??

Kind regards... Alex.