I've got LDAP configured and working somewhat. Users can log into
Teaming using their Novell login and password, but what I'm not seeing
is in the Find People box, when you start typing in the users first or
last name, ONLY the people that have logged into Teaming will show up.
I don't see all users with the few keystrokes of what was typed in.

For example in the Admin Guide (page 23 section 2.4.5) it says to place
cursor in the Find People field, then type the first letter of an
eDirectory username. If eDirectory synchronization is taking place, a
drop-down list displays eDirectory usernames that start with the letter
you typed.

This is not happening, only showing users that have logged in.

I'm thinking it is not sync'ing because I did go into ConsoleOne and
make some changes, Ran LDAP Sync immediately and checked the Teaming
accounts and the information didn't flow over.

Any troubleshooting tips for this?

Thank you