I know someone who has added a second firewall to handle a second circuit
while the old one is being phased out. After they did this they can still
vpn in to the network but cannot access their (netware) server. They can
RDP into their desktops.

Now, before you say "go to this forum or that forum", I have a feeling that

1) The IPs they are getting are on the wrong subnet
2) The Cisco is blocking some port necessary for login..i.e. SLP (although
it's small enough that I don't think it needs slp)

I may have more info later but we are discussing the issue on Monday. I
think they called me because they think it's a Novell issue but as I said, I
think it is a Cisco issue. The original Cisco worked fine so I think it is
a config issue.

Thanks (pretend I didn't say Novell)