a) NMS Card CG6060 installed correctly on SLES10 SP1 server (card is working), driver loaded successfully and daemon is running.

b) Conferencing server installed on another server (SLes10SP2). Conferencing software installed (voice file info imported as explained in the documentation),. Everything is running (I can see the voice gateway talking in Blowfish with the remote server) but i 'vs got errors in running the voice-bridge (something like " Insufficient memory exists to initialize the mutex"). It is like the voice bridge software needs some nsm card information...

Why do we need a voice bridge if the nms card is remote ?
Does anyone has the same experience ?
Is ti possible to have a more precise documentation on how to configure things in this configuration ?
Except copying the nms config file created by nmsconfig on the nms remote server into the sitescape directory, is there anything else to do in this particular situation ?