ive got a Problem with the ZCM 10.1 and my Deployment- and Discovery-Tasks.
First some Informations.
I've added an User Source to my ZCM and made 3 Users as an Administrator. Next i made a login with one of theses Users (eDirectory User).
Then i created two Discovery Tasks and one Depoloyment Task.
Time Ago i noticed that i used a wrong root-context for my user-source.
So i delete the usersource and created a new one, with the right root-context.
Added my new Administrators and so on...

Since this time in my Deployment Section i can't see the old Deployment and Discovery Tasks. I only can see two folders with Name "Bereitstellung" (german, deployment).
When i try to delete this folders i get the message:
Error: Unable to delete object.: Could not find login account: null
See the ZENworks Control Center log file (zcc.log) for the full stack trace.
My Problem i can't find the zcc.log and i can't delete this folders.
For example look at my screenshot.

I hope anyone can help me with this Problem.

I installed ZCM 10.1 on SLES10 sp2

Kind Regards

Philipp Deneu