I'm looking for advice on imaging an OES2 server in case of emergencies.
I'm thinking of a SP or other update going horribly wrong or
something. Our new server, still in preproduction, has two virtual
disks, one for the system and one for our NSS volumes.

I recently used Clonezilla (partimage) to make an image of the system
disk, wiped out the disk, and then restored via Clonezilla again. I did
not image the NSS volumes, figuring they would be fine if left alone.
Upon booting after the reimage I found two problems. One is that GRUB
was now in text mode rather than graphical, which I figure is just
cosmetic. More importantly, though, our NSS volumes did not mount. I
did that manually with NSSMU, and upon each reboot since then they've
mounted by themselves. Then I discovered that the volumes no longer
existed in eDirectory. I've since found that if in iManager I go to
Pools and choose "Update eDirectory" and then do the same for each NSS
volume that the volumes again appear in eDirectory and everything SEEMS
to work.

Is this a safe thing to do, or is it what you would call "unsupported"?
Is there a safe(r) way to make an image of the system disk in case of
total server failure? Thanks.

- Jim Wagner