3-node Netware 6.5 cluster, SP6. Have lost contact with an 800 GB NSS Pool on 2 of the three nodes. The pool is still running on the third node, but on the first two, NSSMU does not see the pool. The partitions appear, but they are listed as "Unloaded Pool POOLNAME" instead of just POOLNAME.

Sequence of events:
On Sunday while installing Zenworks 7 patch ZDM7SP1_IR3a, I got a CPU spinlock Abend on one server. I didn't think too much about it, instead I booted all three servers, reapplied the patch, which installed ok. Afterwards, I noticed that this pool would not load on the first server, but went comatose complaining the pool was not found. I noticed the NSSMU error, but left it for later troubleshooting, with the pool running on the second server.

As luck would have it, today we had an NDPSGW abend on server number 2. Not sure why, since the servers have been stable for quite some time. In any case, server number two now shows Unloaded Pool POOLNAME in NSSMU partitions menu, and does not see the pool.

So now I have one server left that can see the pool, and if it fails for any reason I guess I am in big trouble.

The pool is 800 GB, with 2 partions of 500 gb and 300 gb. The disks are fiber channel on a Netapp SAN, so there is no faulty disk.

Have searched the KB and forums, but the few people who have reported this error have not reported fixing it :(

any help welcome, just tell me what further information you need.

Phillip E. Thomas
Bergen, Norway