OK, I have a unique situation, I am writing a service for Windows XP that basically shells iprntcmd with the -a arugment to install an iPrint printer. The service runs as the "local service" account. The problem I am having is that it doesn't function unless iprintcmd.exe is run by a local user account. But everything works fine if:

I log into the workstation as a regular (local) user.
Install any iPrint printer using: c:\windows\system32\iprntcmd.exe -a no-gui "ipp://x.x.x.x/ipp/myprinter"
Restart the service to install iprint printers

This sequence allows for service to install any other iPrint printer without error. The problem is that this service needs to run with out iprintcmd.exe being run by a local user.

I am guessing that running iprintcmd.exe -a .... spawns another process that I am just not seeing (maybe iprntlgn.exe?). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

To give a bigger picture, this is a module that I am writing to integrate with fog (FOG :: A Computer Cloning Solution - Home) for automated printer installation for ndps.