The company I work for has been using Netware 6, with Zenworks 3.2. I am in the process of upgrading the entire tree to Netware OES SP 7, and now I am looking at upgrading Zenworks.

I have already been successfully trialing 7, finding the whole product very easy to use, especially as it is allowing me to use all my old Application objects.

I have now been asked the question "Why are we not going to Zenworks 10".

Now from what I have read, it is a completely different product in so many ways, and from my perspective which is keeping disruption to a minimum, not a good bet.

However, I cannot find a comparison between 7 and 10. Is 10 a replacement or a different branch of Zenworks? Will support for 7 be removed at some point in favour of 10? I am not a firm believer in just grabbing the latest version of a product but could do with some comment from folks out there using the product.

As an extra bit of info, the company at some point in the distant future may move to AD (shudder) and retain Zenworks.