I can see plenty of queries here to do with quickfinder, so I thought I may return with how I am now set up and hope it may be of use to some others.
We are mainly still novell based and want to search different file areas on different servers and restrict the results to various groups.

The OES2 search allows the indexing of the different novell directories. To log into the search pages seems to require a LUM user, which for us is useless.
The returned results seemed to ignore the indexes selected from the search box and returned results from all.
So. I have set up a virtual search server for each directory area I want to search and this has only the one index.

I front the search facility with access manager and restrict access to the virtual search server by edir OU or group.

The URL's for return are another problem. The apache2 with OES2 does not seem nearly as flexible as the Netware apache.
I wanted to give an alias to the indexed directory on another server and found it was going to be tough.
So I use the Netware apache to give an alias of /results to the indexed directory and then have a path on a different server with the URL. nwserver.co.uk/results

Since I have the original search behind access manager as Search Recruitment Agency: UK Wide Online Employment Solutions I then add a path based multihome to the netware server providing my results and have a URL of /results in my quickfinder index.

There may be, and probably are better ways to get this sort of set up, but I could not find any good information on them.

This works for me with the applications that we have and gives good and seamless results.

I hope this is usefull for someone and if anyone else has a good setup that they would like to share I would be interested in any alternate viewpoints.