we are currently installing 4 new NetWare 6.5 servers and one of them is a
BM 3.8 server. We installed BM 3.8 and all the nessecary patches and
updates (thanks Craig for your insightful books!) and after that all
worked fine.

We then tried to make images of the system with Portlock software but due
to the fact that our FTP server didn't have any dick space left that
imaging stalled and eventually aborted. he BM server seemed to be okay
after this incident but...

We now have the following problem on our BM server: after making changes
to the Access Rules the BM server comes bck with the following error
message: Unable to build rules from (not set: no license) NDS object
(error = -741).

We deleted and reinstalled the BM licenses but that was not the cure it

Any help is very much appreciated!