I'm trying to add my first SLES10 SP1 +OES2 server into my tree
without success. In the YAST eDirectory configuration screen, I've
selected existing tree and entered MYTREE.

In the next screen I entered the IP address of the server containing
the master replica, the name, context and password for admin.

When I click next, I get a message box stating
At the address specified the "" tree responded. The name of the tree
you requested to join is MYTREE"

If I continue through the next 3 screens to Perform eDirectory
configuration, it gets up to the step "configure and start edirectory
using ndsconfig" it fails with the error "ndsconfig failed to
configure and start edirectory"

The server with the master replica is NW 6.5 sp5 nds version

How can I resolve this problem?