A buddy of mine got a laptop (IIRC it's a Dell), has vista home premium
on it. He got a web connection via cable tv (bresnan), got the cable
'modem', etc. I set up a wpa2 encrypted wireless setup for him.

All worked fine for a while, then his nics (eth & wireless) both quit
working. Can't do anything w/in vista to repair the connections, tried
resetting the ip stack, pretty much everything I can think of w/ no

Ended up reloading his machine, got it all done w/ everything on it and
made a system restore point. Machine worked fine for a day or 2, then
same issue, no ip address, etc. Only way to get it working is to go
back to the restore point or reload it again.

Suggestions on what to do next w/ it? new nic, new mobo, etc etc?
Aside from the obvious ones of get rid of vista & go linux, etc.