We are running OES2 Linux in several vms under XEN. Everything seems to
be running fine, but we don't see any files when we try to salvage in
Windows XP running the 4.91 SP4 client. When I look at the volume
properties and go to the "Novell Volume Statistics" tab, it shows
"Purgable Space: 0KB". And yet when I go into iManager and check the
volume properties there, I see several GB in "Purgable Space"

So, how can I salvage files now? Is there a way through NoRM, iMonitor,
or iManager to salvage files?

I guess I should specify (even though my iManager comment should have
made it clear), these are NSS volumes on OES2 on SLES10 SP1. I have run
the yast online_update to make sure I am up on patches.

So, now what?