My department operates a GroupWise Mobile Server which has, for the most part, worked well. We use SMS push to all devices.

Up until a couple days ago, I had a Treo 700p which didn't have any issues syncing over the air with the GMS server (manually or triggered by an SMS push). I was upgraded to a Treo 755p and I cannot for the life of me get this thing to sync with an SMS push. Manual sync (and timed hourly sync) works just fine. Yes, the device is SMS capable and sends/receives SMS messages just fine.

I do not believe the device is at fault. I have tried the device on two servers (our production server and a test server). I have completely removed the device, completely removed the old device, did a hard reset on the new 755p and completely removed my user account from the GMS server so there was no footprint of myself or my device even existing. I have tried two different versions of the Intellisync software on the device itself also. Still, I cannot get SMS to make the device sync.

What is more puzzling is that there are other users with the same device and an SMS push works just as expected and quickly.

Is there anything anyone can think of to try?

Thanks in advance.