Hi all,

Easy one first, stub zone/child-domain/sub-zone... Whatever you want to call it
I did this some years back and now I can't remember what I had to do... I have a Win2k3 server running a DNS zone for the AD domain mad.domain.com and NetWare 6.5 SP7 running a DNS zone domain.com
The Windows box is the master (aka primary) of mad.domain.com and the NetWare box has a copy of the zone mad.domain.com.
Vice versa the NetWare box is the master of domain.com and Windows hasa secondary copy of the zone.

Question is what do I have to do in the zone domain.com on NetWare to create the glue records to make mad.domain.com a sub-zone?

Second issue,
When the NetWare server is doing a transfer of the zone mad.domain.com from the Windows box I am getting this error
"error: transfer of 'mad.domain.com/IN' from 10.xx.xx.xx#53: failed while receiving responses: (result code text not available)"

Note this is transferring from the Windows host to the NetWare server