Dear All,

We did a new server installation of ZCM (Version 10.1.0) on a Windows 2003 server (VM on a XEN). The installation went fine and we were able to log to the ZCC and add our user source from my AD.

This installation after a week or so, and without any intervension, been found with all services "down". Restarting the services was giving errors and restarting the server did not change anything whatsoever.

The Admin on that site was preparing a ZCM presentation and was in a hurry to make the system up and running, and since it was a demo server, He reinstalled everything from scratch (included the OS). This has worked for the demo.

But the server did the same crash of services after 4-5 days !!!!

After browsing logs/TIDs; it seems (Maybe something else) that the database (embeded Sybase) failes to start which prevent other services from running.

[Loader.DataModelModule] [Logging into the datamodel (try 1)] [Logging into the datamodel (try 1)]

With a series of error messages on failing to initialize different modules...

Any Help would greatly appreciated

Best Regards