We have a two Netware 6.5sp7 servers and two different Windows 2003sp2 Terminal Server. Our terminal server has just stopped auto installing the printers when a user logins. (We have this setup through iManager > iPrint Client Management)
And to top things off if the users tries to manually add a printer through the web page we receive a WINSOCK 10060 Error.

I have already tried adding the iPrint server as a trusted site, enabled/diabled ActiveX, and done many other suggested things. I have upgraded to the newest iPrint client and still no changes. I have changed the install options through the iprint.ini file and on the terminal server and no change. iPrint works fine cause the printers install on our XP workstations with no problems, and if the printer was previously installed for the user it is still there and working. Now if you login with local Administrator rights you do not get the WINSOCK error at all and the printer manually installs properly, but auto install is still not functioning.

If anyone has any suggestions or fixes please let me know. Anything is better then cranky user.

Thanks in advance,
Shawn Peters