I have a similar post on another board but it suggested installing VMWare to do what I need, which isn't an option at this time, so I figured that I'd try here.

I set up a SLES 10 server initially with GMS on it, then as an after thought we decided to add OES2 to the server. When I installed the OES services I had to change the default listening ports for Apache so GMS would continue to run on the default settings. After the initial OES install, I finally had time to get back and start installing services, namely iManager and iPrint. I am unable to access these web management pages, I think that it is because I changed the default apache ports.

At the core of what I'm trying to do is leave GMS alone as it is, I don't want to change anything, I have everything configured how I like it and it is running great. To access my OES 2 welcome page, iPrint map designer, and iPrint client download I need to type in the port my apache server was changed to. When I try to access iManager I keep getting a tomcat 404 page saying that /nps/servlet/webacc is unavailable. I have tried every combination trying to access that page using http and https, standard ports, changed ports, no ports, all with no luck.

I'd like to get all of these services running on the same server, be able to access them normally (not have to add the port to all of my links), and have them all play nice with each other. Is this possible? I'm thinking virtual host, but I've never set that up before, is there another way?