We are running DHCP on netware 6.5SP7 servers which give out address to various subnets. On one subnet the workstations boot ok and get and IP address from the server but they are getting DNS address's that are not even listed for the subnet. I can remove the code 6 option and the work stations still get DNS entries.

I do the IPconfig to flush and release and renew and still get the wrong address's. These are address that were in option 6 DNS years ago for this subnet but we have not used them in 3 or 4 years. I am not sure where they are coming from.

We had to rebuild our DNS\DHCP server. We deleted all the objects from Edir and ran the install again from the server. We did not import the DHCP server settings we recreated all the subnets from scratch.

Any ideas on how to find where the invalid DNS entries are coming from and clean up the problem.