We now have the following problem on our BM server 3.8 server after an
upgrade from 3.7. When proxy loads it errors on the part where it reads
the NDS configuration.

We noticed if we go to run aclcheck we get an error
Unable to build rules from (not set: no license) NDS object
(error = -741)

I have tried to adjust the load order with no effect. If we wait until
the system errors, load aclcheck manually and then run proxy it all
works fine. I have also tried to load aclcheck before proxy. I have
tried to change the load order of nlsflaim and named per other
suggestions in the forum.

I have tried putting delays into the system but the method described
above is the only way I have been able to get it to work.

Since it works everytime after following the steps, I don't think it is
a licensing issue. Once is loads properly, nlstrace shows no errors.

Does anybody have any ideas?