We have a network consisting of 8 or so 5.1 servers. And 2 6.5 sp5 servers. The other day we built a new marketing server. All of the servers contain a read/write replica on them. After trying to install 6.5 sp5 with an overlay cd it kept failing on the raid driver. The new Compaq server came with a raid controler that Compaq told us required 6.5 sp6 for the correct driver. Ok, so downloaded the overlay and installed it. Server came up and seemed fine. Put a read\write replica on it.

Next day...

Come in to find users are receiving errors tryign to log in with NMAS Error: 1649. Invalid user.

I am pretty sure it has to do with the new server as during troubleshooting I pulled the network cable on the server as one of the users who was having trouble logging in retried. It then gave her a new error server connection was lost.

I have been able to get users in multiple ways.

1) multiple reboots and the person logged in fine.
2) under client properties, advanced login, turned setting for NMAS authentication off and rebooted.
3) entered slp settings.

Heres the troubleshooting nightmare I have been having. As multiple reboots sometimes solve the issue who knows if these other options are really making the difference or just making a change does it.

I will say today the calls have drastically been reduced. Yesterday we received around 30 calls out of 250 or so employees. Today 5. Something is still wrong though. The calls are sporadic but still continue to come in.

One last thing. If the workstation locks (say when someone goes to lunch) sometimes only some people when they come back get the same error trying to get back in to their session (again authenticating to the tree). Switch it to windows and it's logs in fine. Netware resources are unaffected and all drive mappings continue to work.

Please if anyone has any ideas it would be very appreciated.