I run a pretty tight security policy in my office where we use group policy to only allow specified windows applications to run on our workstations. For the most part this works pretty good, but I have a couple of issues where I need more information about what is getting blocked rather than just getting the message that something is being blocked.

One case is for Dragon Naturally Speaking where we have added all of the EXE files that the program installed in the directory, but something is still preventing the program from running when it is under policy, but it runs perfectly fine under administrator mode. I just found out that for NAL apps to URLs I needed to add a DLL file to my permitted applications, and I'm wondering if that is also the case here. I also have a couple of computers that have the application has been blocked when the computer starts up and since spyware scans don't find anything even under admin mode, I'm not quite sure what they are.

Is there something out there from Microsoft, Novell, or third party that can work with the group policy and give me a little more information about what is getting blocked by policy rather than just the generic, something is being blocked? Thanks!