For the past few days all users using GWMobile service have been affected by a delay in emails getting to their PDA if it gets synced at all. We see errors on the PDA and in the GMS logs - "Intellisync Admin Service is not running on the Mobile Gateway Server. And also errors reported in our Intellisync logs

"unable to deliver a message to Email Accelerator"
"ComFail Exception"
"Unexpected Failure detected - Out of memory"
Java.lang. out of memory: java heap space"
Unable to connect to the Intellisync mobile server suite "local host" on port 8788 - Ensure mobile server is running on server...

We've made no changes to the network side - we sometimes get mail pushed to users PDA..It's very inconsistent. I've read a few of the TIDs but nothing concrete to our issue. Any help would be appreciated because in calling Nokia they just point us to Novell. Running on Win2K3 - Secure Gateway runs in DMZ but no authentication problems and services have constantly been restarted. IT seems when Intellisync Mobile suite services restarted the mail will be pushed but then it stops working again. HELP...