Hello all,

We just replaced our BM3.5 server with a BM3.8 server. We did NOT upgrade.
I placed them in the same tree, and just keyed the rules in by hand.
Running 3.8SP2a on NW6.5sp1.

My rules are as follows, in this order:

ALLOW - PORT - SRC:ANY - DST: specific URL - PORT:443 (this rule allows
anyone on our network to access a specific URL on 443)
ALLOW - URL - SRC: ANY - DST: Specified list of URLS that ALL users within
the network can view
DENY - URL - SRC:ANY - DST:Specified list of URL's that NO one can go to
DENY - URL - SRC:Specified group of users that have no internet access -
ALLOW - URL - SRC:Specified group of users that have internet access -

This is exactly how our BM3.5 server was set. We are using Transparent
proxy. Here is the problem,

Prior to the 3.8 change, when anyone plugged a machine in to our network,
they were redirected to an authentication page, based on these rules. Since
installing 3.8, that doesnt work. The users are simply permitted access to
the internet. I know transparent proxy is working, for two reasons. 1. I
can see the users in the log files, and 2. The specific deny list works.

My rules look good, I dont know what the problem is. Any help is greatly