My test environment was recently upgraded to eDirectory 8.8 SP2 FTF2. Prior to the upgrade I was eDirectory TSA is Everything was backing up fine prior to the upgrade. After the upgrade, when TSM tries to backup NDS, it errors out and asks for a username/password.

Thinking the tsm.pwd file was corrupted, I deleted and proceeded to re-setup the tsm client.

Using DSMC, I found the following behavior:

1. Using "q node" - successfully finds nodes schedule

2. Using "q tsa" - asked for name/password. Successfully logged in. Successfully saved password to tsm.pwd. Successfully shows TSAFS stats.

3. using "q tsa nds" - asks for name/password. Will not accept the same credentials I entered in step 2. Errors out with: "ANS1874E Login denied to NetWare Target Service Agent 'NWLAB'."

I've verified that the account can log in using a Novell Client. Verified that the account is a trustee of [ROOT] with browse rights.

Any idea's?