I help administer a network of Windows XP machines, connected to some Novell
Netware 6.5 servers, administered with Zenworks 7, in a UK university

We have roaming profiles enabled whcih can be controled in the normal ways,
ntuser.ini, registy key, or a GPO (delivered by Zen), which all seems to
work, except that to try and pear down the amount of data copied back and
farwards we have to have a big long list of exclusions to what is to be

This has the significat disadvantage that if a new app is installed that
creates lots of / big files in the Application Data or sub folders, these
will get copied by default, whcich more often than not leads to the profile
becoming corrupt.

Is there a way that we can do the inverse, have the default being nothing
roams, and we specify the directories that we want to roam, so that new
things don't automatically get copied ?